Dental Office Case Study: My City Dental, Ontario

Let’s talk about our friends at My City Dental in Ontario. Picture a place where every smile matters and where family dental care gets a personal touch. That’s My City Dental for you – a gem of a dental office that’s all about bringing convenience and comprehensive dental services under one roof. From orthodontic wonders to oral surgery marvels, they’ve got it all. And guess what? Only the crème de la crème of dental professionals make the cut here, ensuring top-tier care for every patient.

Since 2021, TempStars has been on a delightful journey with My City Dental, seamlessly connecting them with stellar temporary dental pros for over 15 crucial roles. Why? Because even the best need a helping hand sometimes!

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Teresa Rapp, the knowledge powerhouse and Office Manager at My City Dental. We asked Teresa bout how TempStars has been part of their success story. Keep reading to learn more and to find out how TempStars Hygienists have helped My City Dental.

What Challenges Did You Face Before Using Tempstars?

“Before using TempStars, if a dental hygienist was unable to make it in for a shift, it would mean that their patients would have to be canceled for that day. This was not in line with our ethos of providing excellent patient care. As a result, we decided to start using temping professionals to keep our operations moving along even when there were interruptions to our staffing.”

What Are Your Favorite Things About Using TempStars?

  • TempStars is simple to use and straightforward, so there is never any confusion or delay when it comes to finding talent.
  • Being able to rely on having hygienists available means we can book many more hygiene appointments, which will benefit our patients’ needs. 
  • The app has also helped with our admin duties, saving time and streamlining the process of looking for a temp, which is essential as we operate a very busy practice.

How Has TempStars Helped My City Dental?

“Having less hygiene appointment downtime has most certainly improved our efficiency. Being able to hire a temp whenever we need one is convenient and gives me peace of mind as the Office Manager in knowing that shifts can always be covered.”

How Would You Rate The Caliber Of Talent Supplied?

“From the talent that I have selected, I would say everyone has been 5-star worthy. Having resumes available online and the ability to choose the professionals we want is also handy. TempStars allows us more flexibility in who we select instead of simply being paired with a temp that does not suit our practice style.”