How We're Addressing COVID-19

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Infection Control Policies

TempStars has a clear set of guidelines and policies for our office, dental hygienist, and dental assistant members. Our guidelines are very important and the directives related to personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control keep our members, and offices safe.

Health and Safety

We care about the health and safety of all dental professionals and their patients.

Respect for Members

We will never pressure any dental hygienist or assistant to work in a situation where they feel disrespected, or that poses a risk to themselves, their license/qualifications or patients.


TempStars members are responsible for their own actions, decisions and behaviours at all times.

Communication in the Workplace

If there is a situation at an office which puts dental hygienists or dental assistants at risk, they should talk to the dentist, owner, or manager to see if it can be resolved. Most offices will clarify misunderstandings and resolve issues if discussed in a professional manner.

TempStars is Always Here

Notify TempStars right away if there are any situations that require additional support. Do not leave a shift until you have reached out to us for direction. We can offer advice or suggestions, but our role is not to dictate or tell members what to do – we are not an employer or ‘boss’.

A Message

“And even though steps might be taken to restart the businesses, let’s still remain vigilant in doing our part. Some experts say there may be a rise in cases as the restrictions are alleviated, but we can all work together to minimize the chances of this happening – and be cautious without being fearful.”

James Younger, DDS
Founder/CEO, TempStars

Guideline Resources

Click the links below for more information about the most recent guidelines from your licensing body. This is the best resource to turn to when you are not sure of something.

Dental Offices

Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

Public Health Ontario

BC Centre for Disease Control

COVID-19 Info for Albertans

COVID-19 Info for Manitoba

Dental Hygienists

College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario

College of Registered Dental Hygienists of Alberta

Saskatchewan Dental Hygienists Association

College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia

Canadian Dental Hygienists Association

Colorado Dental Hygiene Association

Arizona Dental Hygiene Association

Pennsylvania Dental Hygienists’ Association

Massachusetts Dental Hygiene Association

Illinois Dental Hygiene Association

Tennessee Dental Hygiene Association

American Dental Hygienists’ Associations

Dental Assistants

Canadian Dental Assistants Association

Ontario Dental Assistants Association (ODAA)

The National Dentist Assisting Examining Board

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