About James Younger, DDS

Dr. James Younger graduated from Dentistry at University of Toronto in 1999. Since then has been in private practice, providing a full scope of care, including implants and bone/sinus grafting. In April 2015, James was inspired by the idea of improving hygiene temping through modern mobile technology and thus TempStars was born. TempStars now makes it fast, easy and stress-free for dental offices to find a good hygienist quickly, and allows hygienists to live a busy, flexible and empowered professional life.

How We Use Feedback to Continually Evolve Our Temping Platform

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How We Use Feedback to Continually Evolve Our Temping Platform In the ever-evolving world of dental staffing, staying ahead is essential. This requires not just innovation but also a keen ear to the needs and experiences of our users. At TempStars, we understand that the true measure of success lies in the satisfaction [...]

Dental Professionals – How to Unlock Your Most Authentic Self

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Dental Professionals - How to Unlock Your Most Authentic Self A guest article for dental professionals written by Brandi Hooker Evans, President of Stellar Outcomes. Happy March to every single one of you brilliant dental professionals! In dentistry, we have been discussing that there is no such thing as an oral systemic link [...]

The Core Elements of Dental Leadership You Must Exercise

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Leadership sometimes sounds more complicated than it needs to be, with the proverbial thought that you need to be constantly vocal and demanding to be successful at it. Truth be told, leadership is best exemplified in simplicity. When you examine leadership skills, you realize that it’s how you implement your leadership style and relate to [...]

How to Create an Enticing Culture to Attract Dental Staff

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Ideally, dental leaders would love to have the perfect work atmosphere that attracts a productive, cooperative team. However, conflict is bound to happen at any job site, and a dental business is no different. The best dental leaders are the ones who understand that conflict is inevitable and go out of their way to create [...]

What are Dental Leaders Doing to Establish Good Teams?

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In today’s landscape, dental leadership requires a more hands-on approach than ever before to attract and retain talent as dental practitioners weigh the risks of working in the ‘new normal.’ The frustrations of orchestrating a good team can be daunting, especially if you’re unable to attract the most qualified candidates for your positions, if any [...]

The Advantages of a Dental Temping Agency?

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The dentistry workforce is constantly changing. As a result, dental leaders are turning to temp agencies. A temp agency can help them fill staffing holes triggered by turnover or staff going away for extended periods due to personal circumstances.  A dental temping agency is a placement service that identifies prospective employees seeking short-term employment with [...]

How Companies are Best Utilizing Dental Temp Staff

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Flexibility is a trait that businesses adopt to survive industry challenges. When it comes to turnover rates, most dental teams rank at the 10% mark. As many dental leaders will tell you, turnover costs are hefty. Replacing administrative members, for example, could cost you anywhere from over 17,000 to more than $70,000. The loss of [...]

Why are Dentists Facing Applicant Shortages and How Can They Be Addressed?

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Despite increased optimism from dental leaders, there has been increasing concern about the lack of qualified applicants to fill vital positions. More than half of dental practices have seen patient volumes return to pre-pandemic levels. Practices must identify talent to meet growing patient demand. Whether they have the pool to choose from, however, is the [...]

How Has COVID Changed the Outlook of Dental Staffing?

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After over 18 months into the pandemic, industries have picked up the pieces amid the record unemployment figures and financial fallout. The dental industry is no different—the sector has seen high turnover and an increased reliance on dental temping to fill staffing roles adequately.  Though the beginning of COVID did not mark the beginning of [...]